Manual Therapy is a serious and hard physical profession. Many therapists are forced to stop their career because of back pain. Therefor good equipment, especially treatment tables, is essential for our Profession.

Ger Plaatsman has been cooperating with “Sumer Sprzęt I urządzenia medyczne i rehabilitacyjne” All courses since 1995 have been given on their treatment tables with the highest satisfaction.

In 2008 Sumer Company and Mr. Plaatsman decided to develop a treatment table especially meant to fulfill all wishes of a Manual Therapist.

The most recent “Plaatsman Concept table” is an outstanding table which helps the therapist to work all day without feeling his own back.
The table can be electrically adjusted in height, has a electrical Pivot function to treat acute low back pain and is very stable and robust to last a long time. All electrical functions can be controlled by foot all around the table. It is shaped in a way that both patient and therapist have the most benefit.

Students who have attended one of the Plaatsman Concept courses will get special offers from Sumer from at least 20% discount.